Reek of a Degenerate World

by Vore



This album is a journey which begins with the degenerate mankind, true and wretched as our nature is, then the trip passes through the story of Jesus, the degenerate who carried us to the beginning of our downfall, which leads to the summoning of the execution of our world, and then, in the aftermath of the apocalypse, a few living ones rise from the ashes of the Earth to see their wolrd damned in eternal night, those individuals will meet the deep grief and sorrow, which eventually leads to the extinction of the few survivors of the apocalypse, closing the cycle of the chaos in the Universe...


released July 14, 2015

All Music and Lyrics by Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage
All Instruments and Vocals performed and Recorded by Wraith
"Reaper" is an intelectual property of the Band Bathory
"666" is an intelectual property of the band Toxic Holocaust
Album Cover: Cornelis Saftleven, Goat eating an oyster, donkey at a school desk, cat playing tric-trac and other mythical creatures, ca. 1665
Cannibal Soggoth Productions
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Reaper (Bathory Cover)
I close your eyes
and send you into vainly dreams
I reign your soul
the night engulf your painful screams

I watch you cry and
twist your soul in agony
No prayers can save you now
from hell in eternity

I devastate your soul
and lacerate your mind
In sin I sanctify my
sword to crush your spine

I'm the Reaper

You're too confused
you can't elude my misty eyes
No need to hang on
to your faith in love and life

Whatever I command
your soul obeys my needs
You're like a zombie now
with a soul that burns and bleeds

There's not much left of you
your soul belongs to me
Nothing can save you now
or set your spirit free

I'm the Reaper

Coming to take you

I love the sight of having you
down and open wide
The smell of a dead woman's flesh
just drives me fucking wild

I have to got you in my grasp now
there is no need to escape
I'll penetrate you
every virgin needs a rape

Just when you think you have
gone through all that gives you pain
I'm coming back to you
to penetrate again

I'm the Reaper
Track Name: Jesus' Rotten Cunt
On it's Period
The cunt spills blood
blood of the new eternal alliance
poured to forgive the human sins

Rapist archangel
Stupid Whore
The Unholy Son
is the God's Son

The Black Firmament
Announces the morbid pleasure
provoked by rape
As he Dies Crucified
With a Cock On His Cunt

He born to be a King
and he ended on a Cross
Where's Daddy Now?
Maybe Raping Virgins

Twelve Sexual Slaves
to Bang your Vagina
One of them got Tired
And Sold Your Slut-Hole to the Romans

He resuscited
after three days
He amounted to heaven
to be raped by Angels
and Bath in the God's Semen
Track Name: Immaculate Conception
The Black Cosmic Incarnation
Now Down in the Filth
Dressed like one of the God's Shapes
Is going to Fall in the Lust

Virginal Flesh
Provoking the animal instinct
Of the Phallus from Outer Space
Now the breed is Sacrilegious

[The Whore
In Semen from the Stars]

Now our downfall
is imminent
Our Imperfect Senses
Don't See The Impure one

The Bastard
Must Suffer
Until Die Humiliated
And The Whore Must be Killed

Take your guts
and burn Them
Take yor Head
And Rape it

[The Corpse in the Cross
Is the proof of our Power
to purificate our breed]
Track Name: Beginning of The End
Ethereal Protrusion
Of The Black Sky
Invading without respect
the Earth Condemned to Hell

Releasing the Angelic Plasma
from the Cadaverous Heaven
And Desecrating Mercyless
the Morbid Material Plane

As the Rain of Blood
gets Contaminated with Human Hatred
As the Skies die Poisoned
By The Toxic Winds of Hate
Carried by our Atmosphere

Oh Sweet and Ethereal Glow
Dying under the Nihilism
of the Human Race
Dying under the Yoke of the Evil
from Thousands of Rotting Souls

The Unsaved Heaven
has Condemned Itself
To die Fallen in the Filth
of this World

Fallen and Convicted
soon will burn in Hell
Where Aberrant Dreams
Turn onto Morbid tears
from the Sad Poet

Whose Pen Writes
the Misanthrope fate
that will guide
the material plane
Until The Beginning
of Its Astral Existence...
Track Name: Invoking The Execution of Worlds
The Weeping Sun hides
and the Eternal Dusk Covers the World.

The Skies are open
and the horns of the Hordes
scream, declaring war
Damnation to the Earth.

Hordes of angels try to save
The condemned Earth to Hell
now is too late for them
The end has begun, the Earth is a Tomb.

Ethereal scars in the sky
Bleed over the Damned
Drowned in poisoned Dreams
for them awaits the eternal sleep.

From the bowels of Abyss
rises the flame
which will painfully Exterminate
the Human Race.

In Darkness
I Invoke
The Execution
Of Worlds.

Dismembered Universe
cosmic hatred over the Earth
Doomed forever, The Human Race
No more life, In existence.

End of the World Order
reign of terror and Death
refusing is useless
the future is lifeless.

Anihilated life on Earth
black pyre of Blood and Guts.

The skies are Weeping
Beneath the wings of Apocalypse.

The Black Mass of chaos
has been attended by those senteced to Death
Glassed and Shattered the world have been
Now another Void in the Universe it is.

In Darkness
I Invoke
The Execution
Of Worlds.
Track Name: Night Over a Damned Earth
Only ash remains
under the pale moonlight.
Lifeless and shattered
the carcass of our world.

Beyond the light
once stood the hope
now only darkness
dwells in the dusk.

Forgotten the sunlight
forgotten the life
only cosmic winds of hate
for this damned Earth.

The cinders shake
and trembles the Earth,
from beneath the surface
rise the living ones.

The blank landscape before their eyes
is a thorn in their hearts
the ghost of the past glory is now reduced to ash.
In the eternal darkness of night, they're now condemned to die.