by Vore



A full Discharge of Madness


released May 15, 2013

This was my second album, and the first successful attempt to express my anger and depression through the music, The songs are pretty basic if you compare it to my newest job, basicly the riffs and the chaotic and simple drums are a way to develop my weird (and sometimes meaningless) lyrics.

This version has a Different mixing and is just for promoting my work, if you want to download the Original Album, you can download it in my facebook page

Lyrics by Nihilant (Eleanor Bishop)
Vocals and Music by Nihilanth
Special thanks to Nemeroth for narrate on the intro, Soul Abyss and make the choruses in Lullaby for my Nymph
Cannibal Soggoth Productions, All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Purification
Dark Eye
Look On Me
My Sins
My Mistakes

[Take my Soul
Out of this
putrid Carcass]

All My Life
Passing Around
All The Hate
Now Is Gone

[All My Flesh
Melting Down
All My Blood
Splats Around]

The Clock
Stops Its Time
The Light
Slowly Die

[Cut My Veins
Cut My Throat
End My Bond
To This World]

Putrid Ball Of Flesh
Horrorful Monstrisity
That I Am Now
I'm Free Of My Sins
I'm Now Just Essense
I've Lost
All My Carnal Bonds
Track Name: Mudelemon
Start To Cry
Start To Flee
All Your Fears
Are Going To Appear
The Power Of This Demon
Is The Ultimate Proof Of Faith

All Your Live
Is On Damnation
You Can't Control
This Siuation
Now Your Mind is
Under Domination

Hidden Horrors
Rising From A Crack In The Sky
Blood And Acid
Raining From Skies
This is The Final Countdown

Time's Not Going To Stop
Tears Seems like Going To Fall
As a New Corpse Comes to The Dark

The Flesh Starts To Freeze
The Eyes Get Closed
The Mind Is Going To Explode
All the Light Is now gone down
And The heavens Laught at you
Track Name: Slow Decadence of The Dark Emperor
When the Twilight
Is falling over the skies
When the Light
gets eclipsed by a new ghost
My Journey begins
now is time

The sands of time
Stop their time
and the light
gets stolen
by the allmighty magician
now is time
to the Night Creatures to reign

Out from the eastern
New winds start to run
winds of death
of sick
And the Shadows
Slowly rise from the cracks
cracks of the skin
the skin of my earth

I slowly start to bleed
I slowly start to feel
the fall
of my empire

There on the horizon
is a new colossus
that wants more deaths
there are not enought universe
for please its hunger
so it will attack the empire

A new Twilight
born over the road to the Universe's Edge
and a new sickness
attacks the empire of the Darkness
There in the Castle
The castle in the Moon
The Emperor Swores
to a razor
that the new death
will take his empire
just before his death

The Horn
Starts to scream
and the troopers of the Darkness
Start their march
Slow, and with sorrow
they walk by the time
'cause the clock
now started to run
The End
Is in the beginning
when the Dark Empire
Did not exist
in a world filled
of sickness

On the highest Tower
Of the moon
The Emperor watches
The fall of his troopers
and around the moon
appears a Halo
that guards horrible secrets
inside its golden angles
all the earth
turns into a Scream
That is more a Shriek
Looking for help
Looking for live
Looking for their emperor

The Arcane Infection
conquer all the paths
and the sorrows
get every time
more and more
The Dark Emperor
Trembled in Fear
and watched through the Window
his reign
consumed by the death
by the beam
he takes the razor
and with the sorrow of his reign
pushes it through his veins
The Dark Emperor
Slowly Die
as he lays on his Blood
and the suffering
gets horrible
he takes the razor again
and faster than the first time
caves deeper into his skin
now is the time

The Light Starts to Claim The Sky
As the Night Slowly Die
With the Scream
Of its Emperor
with the Scream
On the wind
during the Twilight
Of a New Day
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Turning on to Shadows
when the twilight reflects the Stars

Arcanum Shadows Appears
And The Gods Select
The Holy One

That will turn onto Demon
The Dark Destiny
Cold Proof Of Fate

The Hate Of The Gods
Nails me to a Cross
As my Blood Turns onto Crystal

And my Skin Falls with the Storm
The Twilight is Near
My last Breath is Near

As I see my Last Sunshine
As I See my forgotten love
And My Eyes just can see

the Beaks of enraged Ravens
The darkness starts to claim the Skies
As my flesh gets necrotized

as my flesh gets destroyed
by the hate of the gods
nobody listen my screams

cricified in Golgotha
Sodomized in a frozen tomb
as Sideras Veritas Descent

for deflesh my arms
and nail thorns into my nerves
as the moon distort my soul

when the skies start to fall
the pentagram appears
sorrounding my corpse

as the souls rise from the hell
and flood my flesh
my veins get drained

my blood makes blood rivers
my heart starts to spill
a black liquid

and my corpse reborn
as the gods replasces my face
with a tribal mask

my eyes spill blod
as the ravens fly away with my eyes
in their beaks

my hands turn on to tentacles
and my guts explode
from the core of the earth

comes the dark lord
he's the creator of this
mysanthropic projection

he puts a ray of moonlight
in my mouth
and my soul turns onto a moving hell

I was Cassielle
the tears and the loneliness angel
now I am a Toura Demon
Track Name: Heikith
Living for Dying
feel analepsy
watching the future
the past and the now

Oh Poor emperor
his daughter will suffer
she's the corner
where the future, the past and the now
the all and the nothing
crash and converge

Eternal Sleep
frozen soul
Die for an entire empire
oh sweet prelude
Track Name: Soul Abyss
Place of Sorrow
Mental Casket
A place made for suffering
Even Worse than Inferno
Where every Single Drop of Blood
Turns onto a New Dungeon
Where the flames Rises
from the melted-down Eyes
Of My Enemies

A Dark Sky
Filled with Red Stars
and a Red Mist
Every Single Star
Tells A Different Story
Every Story
Makes a new Nightmare
Every Nightmare
Cause a New Suicide
Every Suicide
Get a new man to this Depths

[A Raven Feather
Floats Through The Window
Of My Prison
And outside
A Raven over a Calcinated Tree
Watch my eyes with Hunger
In The Sky
A New Nymph Now is Summoning my Soul
Now it's Time To Melt my carcass Down
and get One with the Pain
I Close my Eyes
And I Wait for my Fate]

Now I'm Condemned
To An Eternal Punish
My Sins will never be Fogiven
I Poured Many Blood Rivers
Over the Glass of the Destiny
I Stolen many Souls
From the Hands of the Nymphs
My Wrath was unstoppable
My Evil was a Monument to Satan
But in this Depths
Aggrahmmageddoh'n is the Overlord
and he's the one
that my Evil most Pray
I'm Condemned
To a Soul Abyss

My Cell Is Open
And my executioners get me to the outside
of This Dungeon
Now I Start My Walk
With a Black Rose in My Heart
And a Raven's Feather in my Hand
a Tear-Paved Road
Leads me to the place
Where My Crimes will be paid
A Burning Wind runs Between the towers
Of the colossal Castle
That Once was my Dungeon
The Towers give to the wind a Voice
the voice Announce my End
And from the Earth
Arcane Shapes Rises to Watch the New Death

The Forest Slowly grows
and makes a Tunnel of silence
Now there is just a light on the exit
morbid and weak
Now the Silence Reign in the Dark
Now I Close my Eyes
And I Open my heart to this grave
The Shadows of The Past
Starts to Creep me
my Sins were Horribles
and now I'm Paying the price
as the Breeze of the Mist
Strokes my face
And I Remember
Those Golden Years
Without Scum in My Heart
Without Guilt in my Soul
Now the Gates are Open
And The Payment is Near
Each Step I'm Closer
I feel more relaxed
I Destroyed Myself
with all those Bloodbaths
With all those Rapes
With all My Sins

Now the Silence ends
I'm On The Edge of The Road
In front of a last gate
Sorrounded by an anger population
I walk along the last part of the road
Until the edge
Now I watch my step down
to see again the Darkness
I untie My Hands
And I open my Arms to the Warm Breeze
Now The Skies Open
And The Nymphs Watch With Wrath my Death
I put on The Edge of the Road
A Died Black Rose
And A Raven Feather
As I Do My Faith Jump to the Unknown
I'm Falling All The Way Down
I'm Paying The Price of My Sins
Now I See the Sky Once Again
And The Raven on The Road
Watch My Fall with pride
and Flies Around the Hole
nine Laps in my Honour
Seven Songs In My Memory
And A Feather For my Legacy

[Now I Return To The Darkness
To This Peaceful and Painful
Soul Abyss]
Track Name: Necrotic Incubator of the Undead
Murdered by humans
Punished by God
Revived by Satan
Filth on her Womb
Sickness on her corpse

Bleed Sick human
morbid demon
your black carcass now
will be the horror
of the living ones
in yor womb
the maggots consume all
and the purulent cavities
filled with pestilent pus
give live to a new sin
a morbid corpse from the abyss

Of the Undead
Gives life to those
that must be underground
they born by her anal cavity
they open a new sore on her clit
each time that they meet the incest
they eat a chunk of her flesh
each time they're consumed
by the lust of the malice
Track Name: Midnight Wish
Unreachables and priceless
just like the will
just like the freedom

Arcane and Misanthropic
Just like the mind
Just like the soul

Slow and Silent
Just Like the Night
Just like the Life

Now the sun is gone
Now the light is dead
Now is time to my fallen will
for wish to this night a new life

The Stars Start fo fill the sky
The moon shine with a morbid light
and the Skies are closing its doors
with the wrath of the thunder

A chill invades my back
and the fear consumes my mind
now the sweets melodies of the ravens
are the unic sounds from the night

Now I enter to the mighty forest
to the unknown valley
I climb the shadow of the mountain
Now the life's going far
but the lust conquer my mind

Unreachables and priceless
just like the will
just like the freedom

Arcane and Misanthropic
Just like the mind
Just like the soul

Slow and Silent
Just Like the Night
Just like the Life

Now the Moon is coming
to its Highest point
Now the skies are opening
I'm closer to my future

Now the Stars dance around the moon
and the thunder screams enraged
now the darkness is a word
now the freedom is real
the eyes can see even in the dark

Oh silver lady
I'm here to wish a new life
on this midnight
prelude of my new soul
prelude of my new will

The pentagram appears on her face
and the Stars Dance faster
the skies open in front of my eyes
and a stairway to the moon appears
now I'm going all the way up

I touch the Stars
I Kiss the Moon
the Devil whisper a spell
and my soul reborn
now I'm complete again
Now I'm Alive

Unreachables and priceless
just like the will
just like the freedom

Arcane and Misanthropic
Just like the mind
Just like the soul

Slow and Silent
Just Like the Night
Just like the Life

The night now is hidding
and the sun is rising
I have a new life to kill
A new life to Slaughter
Track Name: Lullaby For My Nymph
There into the rain
There in the graveyard
of the forgotten love
into the sound
of her sweet voice
get lost in her song
forget it all

Oh sweet Nymph
dancing in the moonlight
close your eyes
condemn yourself
to a frozen tomb
get in the dark
let me carry you
to a world of happiness
without sorrow
where nothing is impossible
and you are
the only one
that exist there

Close your eyes
forget it all
shut down your voice
and see the world
through the eyes
that see you
as a goddess

Just watch
my horrible underworld
a world where
you are the most beautiful

Think about my inferno
don't let it go
and watch your image
divine and sacred
dancing into the eternal sorrow
singing so smooth
into an endless cycle

look through my eyes
listen my pain
and look through my heart
when I watch you wander
watch this world
of eternal sorrow
watch your image
the unic light
in my eternal darkness

Imagine, this is your last day
Imagine, you're in a dark tomb
your only wish
is be with the light

The stars in the sky
shine without die
unreachables as you
into the dark
the dark funeral
of our creator god
your eyes will be
those that end the sorrow and pain

Imagine, you're me
you'll notice
my deep feeling
just for your voice
I'm a soft-hearted demon

You're my source of inspiration
the unic light
in my eternal darkness
the unic one
that makes me forget
my phantasmagoric pain

Fall into my song
feel the warm blood
spilled for my eternal
love for you

Oh sweet Nymph
dancing in the moonlight
close your eyes
condemn yourself
to a frozen tomb
get in the dark
let me carry you
to a world of happiness
without sorrow
where nothing is impossible
and you are
the only one
that exist there

Close your eyes
[Sleep my Nymph]
feel my inferno
[Sleep my Nymph]
watch your reflection
[Sleep my Nymph]
feel my love
[Sleep my Nymph]
feel my fear
[Sleep my Nymph]

I don't exist to your eyes
your sublime beauty
stops my heart
and cuts my throat

Despite all the hatred
inside my heart
you should notice
that I love you
Close your eyes
[Sleep my Nymph]

[Close your eyes
Sleep my Nymph]

[Close your eyes
Sleep my Nymph]

[Close your eyes
Sleep my Nymph]

Despite all the hatred
inside my heart
[you should notice
that I love you
Close your eyes
and take my hand
I'll carry you
to a magic world
Close your eyes]
Sleep My Nymph