by Vore



Some of you should already know the "First Volume of Evil", so you know this album does have some depressive tunes, but this "Second Volume" is far away from its predecessor; it is true that this album has about three depressive tunes, which are the slowest part of the work itself, becasue the main part of the Album is fast, aggressive and really exciting, why?, because in this album I did put more than depression and loneliness, I poured my hatred for everything, and my desires for make better music than my older works (This is a really big jump from "Wish my Death to a Star"), therefore, here it is, and I really hope you would share my points of view about this work.
NOTE: The beggining of the Album is really fucking slow and dense, if you wanna go to the fast part, go directly to the middle of "Black Pearl"


released January 22, 2015

Composed and recorded by Tzachitxz



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Sueño Tortuoso y Desesperado de Amor
Te amo
y tu inexistencia
me destruye por dentro
busco tu mirada
y encuentro obscuridad
busco tu voz
y sólo hallo soledad
oh, dulce y amarga realidad
me condenas con pesar
mientras mi alma ha de llorar
sólo encuentro soledad
miro la inmensidad del cosmos
tratando de olvidarte
busco consuelo en la música
tratando de darte vida
y me topo siempre
con la misma decepción
la vida es inútil
sin ti a mi lado
anhelo tu existencia
anhelo tu amor
la realidad me castiga
y me llena de dolor
amargo es mi amor por ti
cuando descubro
que nunca has de existir.
Track Name: Black Pearl
There, where the lust hides
the shady spot between her legs
the cradle of my desires
the blackened star within her eyes

In her secret is Hidden
the misteries of the pearl
And her voice sings
the forbidden spells of lust

Whimpers and Whispers
invading the silent rain
moans of pleasure
tearing the peace apart

Despair and Suffering
Awaiting at the very mouth of doom
nymphomaniacal demon
false pleasure within her virgin flesh

Kiss her lips
Stroke her breasts
rip of her dress
become a beast

In the depths of eternal pleasure
lays the sadic depression
raped by extreme methods
sex is her only obsession

The pleasure hidden in her lips
the passion Hidden in her strokes
the malice hidden within her vagina
Death awakening within the lust
The price for the black stars
the price for all the lust
the monument to your sins

Blackened dreams
dark desires
the lust becoming sorrow
the orgasm becoming blood

Spirits are rising
the corpse now is dying
the black pearl is hiding
the demon is grining

The Black Star and her secrets
unlocked by the lust

pleasure lost
in a matter of momments
all the fallen heroes
all the fallen gods
all of them defeated
by the eternal burn
of lust.
Track Name: Ring Of Shadows
Deep Within the night
Deep Within the Day
Among Acient demons
the majesty of an old evil
rises inside the blackness
of eternal chaos and destruction
as a golden halo of hope

The cold steel of a knife
the raw flesh of my enemies
under the mistic mirror of fate
hidden within shadows in the skies
the darkness becomes my only faith
as the death awakens within the pain
Of the black hatred inside her veins
and the crimson blood poured in the rain

Under the veil of the Dimness of night
hides the cold and bright corpse

Eyes shall betray her
Under the cold moonlight
just before the black kiss of death

Pleasure Unlocked
By the sadism of lust
Moans of pleasure and fear
among her cum

Night hides me again
as the fog floods her soul
black stars are dancing
in the eternal lust

Darkness covers my crimes
as the eclipse covers the light of hope
once again I hunt for love
beneath the shield of the ring of shadows
Track Name: Killtrocity
Hides in the darkness
within each blink
beneath each breath

The Cold Shadow of Death
The Black Desire of Pain
The Shifty bringer of the Fate

Buzzing within the wind
the sharp point of a bullet
flying free to the head

Mass murder within a blink
the rampage of the killtrocity

Streams of flesh
crimson reek of putrefaction
piles of corpses behind each door


The dark fate of our foes
will never be the shine of another sunrise
the moon at her zenith
announces the carnage about to come


Our fates linked
by the eternal shadow
of the death

And sorrow...

Under each bullet
rests the nihilistic wish
behind each backstab
hides the freedom of my will
In behalf of my lord
In Behalf of the moon
now their lives are mine
now Lucifer Shall domain

Long live the Emperor of Darkness
Doom for those fallen in our
Track Name: Vaginal Wind
Anal rape
consumed by the lust
hidden in the eternal wind

which comes out of her secret
darkness within her voice
lust within her eyes

cold and viscous are her fluids
and the squirt of glory
comes out with the wind of passion

her anus protruded
liberates a moan

pleasure hidden in her eyes
the winds of magic hidden in her cunt

black dreams awaiting at the gates
for those brave enough
for freeze their cocks
Track Name: Nayeli T
There in the pinnacle
of the material plane
there in the apex
near to the skies
all the beauty
which makes our world
gathered at this point
as a warrior I armor
a courage helmet
and one shield of pain
a love sword
and a hammer of sorrow
I'll cross the sea
I'll cross the forest
I'll tear mountains apart
with my bare hands
until come to your castle
where the sight is delightful
were the senses find extasy
each step closer to you
as a winged knight
I'll fight my way to your temple
I'll give my life
for your being
I'll die for you

The sunset never ends
never ends
its golden beams
enlight your shape
no beauty in the world
can ever be compared
to yours

Sweet diamond stars
crystal before your eyes
I'm invisible
to your eyes
unworthy to see
your beauty
my soul shattered
in a thousand pieces
tears flowing in my eyes
my whimper
dies under the sea's song
now death
must come to me
in a jump to the void
falling without time
waiting for the end
of my life

I wake up
covered in tears
I look around
I am in the same place
a filthy dark room
far away from you

My dreams are true
I'm inexistent to your eyes
unworthy to see your beauty
there's nothing else more
than living void
in a deep loneliness.
Track Name: Cassandra
When death stalked
I tried to save you
unknown for me
but beautiful
absolutely perfect
shy and cute beauty
I took you in my arms
and carried you away from danger

We escaped to
the pinnacle of the world
and a dark forest
I left you a few seconds
looking back
hiding from death
trying to make sure
that she
couldn't find us
I returned
and you were no longer there
you were gone

That was the last time I listened to her voice
I tried to find you
death behind me
there was nothing left
just, escape

I returned to where I saved you
but my searching was empty
I released my soul
to the death's claw

Then I woke up, confused
the voice of your last words
reverbating in my head
just as when I lost you in the forest
now I can only imagine
the place where you might be
Track Name: Michelle
Once I loved you
once I saw you
but I never dared
my beautiful lady
tall as the sky
with golden curls
and snowy skin

Once I desired your heart
but I'll never see your eyes again

Now my beauty girl
I dreamt
your melodic voice
your soft lips
your warm tact
I dreamt you at my side
as real and beautiful
as I hoped once

Oh lovely lady
I miss to see your beauty
even if you're not the same
I miss your blue eyes
I miss your melodic voice
I mis the trust
the trust and charm
you put in me

I miss the times we shared
I miss the road we walked
I wish my dream was true
but I know
In my arms
you will never be