Of Mist Orchids and Ritual Cave Stench

by Vore, Herxsebet



Shalt the cold rain from Xalapa splatter in thou face,
its deafening thunder shalt dampen thou cries,
as the pleads for mercy die, under the yoke of silence and pain.
Reeking in the ritualistic caves, ornamented with Orchids made of mist.

~Ave, Arcana Entrope


released May 20, 2016

Art Created by Filipo Mongar (Simbolismo Ominoso).
Tracks 1-5* Composed and recorded by V O R E
Vore is: Tzachitxz performing All Instruments lyrics and vocals.
Vocals in "Her Faint Mirage in the Rain" Performed by Namtaräum (Uls de Tol, Natanas, Cavernlord)
Tracks 6-11* Composed and recorded by H E R X S E B E T
Herxsebet is: Málvcxyöne Famentas performing All instruments lyrics and vocals.
Drums in "Castillos de Piel, Pus y Sangre (Incultus)" performed by Abigail Min.
Vore, Herxsebet © 2016
All Rights Reserved

* These track numbers include Bonus/hidden tracks



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Vore - Vomited Will to Live
Soul released from its thrall
convulted and prolapsed throats
voices risen from the howling darkness
cry their acid torments
into the pale centrifugal voids
heirs of their old fears
shapes in the bloodstained mirrors
shades blackened by unknown ghosts
their torment is gone
enchained they are now
to the pale chalice of shifting waters
doomed to contemplate the faint mirage
of their ever vexed reflexion
Track Name: Vore - Her Faint Mirage in the Rain (ft. Namtaräum)
I dream about this zephyr,
Skinned of all its angelic aura, left to be a ghost
Aside from her warm body, clenched to it, I feel...
Voices of glooming glory strike upon my ears,
Ecstasy, ponders my molten soul at her side, yet...
Loss is merely the fate of oniric visions, and
Loneliness is the mark left on me, she's now just
A faint mirage in the cold rain.
Track Name: Vore - Prowler
You go towards your campus
at 1:30 PM
you go to your french class
at 10:00 AM
you take the bus
2 streets north
6 routes pass there
and I know you live in the east
don't know the house yet
but it won't take long