Wish My Death To a Star

by Vore

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Noisy and Curious


released August 25, 2014

Composed and recorded by Tzachitxz
Cannibal Soggoth Productions, All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Vampire
Eternal and magic
As the Animal Hunger
In the Hunting Season

Carnal Joy
In the eternal darkness
of the October nights
and foggy souls

Dry Carcass
and cold lips
oh poor princess
she died
for let me live

Cold Heart
now Without soul
my demonic Task
has been completed

Now the bloodstained fog
will cover my existence
until the time
to kill again
Track Name: Night Of The Fallen
I can Hear the Crying, Of the great Knight
The Death Doesn't Leave, The Eternal Night
The hope hasn't Reward, The Cold Stars
The Steel on their Swords, Get frozen the Souls

The Shining Sorrow, The Horrible Joy
Obsession for the Blood, Punishes the Mind
The Ephemere Peace, And its fateful Collapse
Oh, Sweet Suffering, Eternal Punishment

Cold Wind from the North, The Sound of the Sorrow
The Song Of Agony, A Cold Obsession
Dreams about Life, Lost in Disappointment
The War doesn't Forgive, Unassuming Redemption

The Blood Flows, The Mercy doesn't exist
The Aberrant Dreams, Misty Nightmares
A Night of Sadness, a Stolen Life
In The Wind The Song, In The memory of the Fallen ones
Track Name: Sickness
Cold Suffering

Imagine the Hate Made Pain
Close your eyes turn down the light
Your Heart, Feel It Die
Break Your Spine, Feel The Shock

My Blood Burns my Skin
My Eyes can't see the light
The Heat is fire on my skin
The Wind are knives in my nerves

Look at my bones trembling in fear
A feeling of death running in my veins
A Neural Colapse and a Cold Wake up
The Fear in your body, you know what is it

Sweet Sickness

My Blood Burns my Skin
My Eyes can't see the light
The Heat is fire on my skin
The Wind are knives in my nerves

Look at my bones trembling in fear
A feeling of death running in my veins
A Neural Colapse and a Cold Wake up
The Fear in your body, you know what is it
Track Name: Revolution
Is not Truth
that we are just a few
Is not truth
that we are tiny

The truth is
They Slowly Squeeze us
Our real Story
requires a Scream

Is not Truth
that we are tiny
Is not truth
that we are just a few
The truth is
They Slowly Squeeze us
Our real Story
requires a Scream
Track Name: Soul Abyss
Place of Sorrow
Mental Casket
A place made for suffering
Even Worse than Inferno
Where every Single Drop of Blood
Turns onto a New Dungeon
Where the flames Rises
from the melted-down Eyes
Of My Enemies

A Dark Sky
Full with Red Stars
and a Red Mist
Every Single Star
Tells A Different Story
Every Story
Makes a new Nightmare
Every Nightmare
Causes a New Suicide
Every Suicide
Gets a new man to this Depths

[A Raven Feather
Floats Through The Window
Of My Prison
And outside
A Raven over a Burned Tree
Watch my eyes with Hunger
In The Sky
A New Nymph Now is Summoning my Soul
Now it's Time To Melt my carcass Down
and get One with the Pain
I Close my Eyes
And I Wait for my Destiny]

Now I'm Condemned
To An Eternal Punishment
My Sins will never be Fogiven
I Poured Many Blood Rivers
Over the Glass of the Destiny
I Stolen many Souls
From the Hands of the Nymphs
My Wrath was unstoppable
My Evil was a Monument to Satan
But in this Depths
Aggrahmmageddoh'n is the Overlord
and he's the one
that my Evil most Pray
I'm Condemned
To a Soul Abyss

My Cell Is Open
And my executioners get me to the outside
of This Dungeon
Now I Start My Walk
With a Black Rose in My Heart
And a Raven's Feather in my Hand
a Tear-Paved Road
Leads me to the place
Where My Crimes will be paid
A Burning Wind runs Between the towers
Of the colossal Castle
That Once was my Dungeon
The Towers give to the wind a Voice
the voice Announce my End
And from the Earth
Arcane Shapes Rises to Watch the New Death

The Forest Slowly grows
and makes a Tunnel of silence
Now there is just a light on the exit
morbid and weak
Now the Silence Reign in the Dark
Now I Close my Eyes
And I Open my heart to this grave
The Shadows of The Past
Starts to Creep me
my Sins were Horribles
and now I'm Paying the price
as the Breeze of the Mist
Strokes my face
And I Remember
Those Golden Years
Without Scum in My Heart
Without Guilt in my Soul
Now the Gates are Open
And The Payment is Near
Each Step I'm Closer
I feel more relaxed
I Destroyed Myself
with all those Bloodbaths
With all those Rapes
With all My Sins

Now the Silence ends
I'm On The Edge of The Road
In front of a last gate
Sorrounded by an anger population
I walk along the last part of the road
Until the edge
Now I watch my step down
to see again the Darkness
I untie My Hands
And I open my Arms to the Warm Breeze
Now The Skies Open
And The Nymphs Watch With Wrath my Death
I put on The Edge of the Road
A Died Black Rose
And A Raven Feather
As I Do My Faith Jump to the Unknown
I'm Falling All The Way Down
I'm Paying The Price of My Sins
Now I See the Sky Once Again
And The Raven on The Road
Watch My Fall with pride
and Flies Around the Hole
nine Laps in my Honour
Seven Songs In My Memory
And A Feather For my Legacy

[Now I Return To The Darkness
To This Peaceful and Painful
Soul Abyss]
Track Name: Act of Despair
A cold Life
Full of Lies

Hate and Tears
Hell in my Fears

I Dream Without Being Asleep
I Live without having a Life

Cold And Dark
Oh Sweet Razor

I'm Sorrounded by People
I'm Alone in the Nothing

I'm beside an Angel
but I'm drowned in Sorrow

Have you ever Asked yourself?
What's The Meaning of Life?
Have you ever answered?
Never, Because Life is Meaningless

Face the Reality
Face that you won't get anything
Just Death
Face that you're Condemned to Die Alone
Even if you're Sorrounded by other ones
Face that Everything Dies
And everything that you do, doesn't change it

Think just for a momment
That there's a Short Way
to get your destiny
is not a heaven, is not a hell
because even those places
will fall at the end of times
Think that now
you're free of your life
and the pain is gone
meanwhile you desappear from this world

Let The Sorrow Invade your head
Let the Suffering Control your soul
use your pains for think
use your loneliness for decide
use the Razor to get free

Think for a second
that everynone will die
that everyone lies to you
they hate you
the smiles on their faces
try to erase them with water
and they will turn onto a scream
full of hate to you
they are just expecting your death
even that shape on the mirror
who seems just like you
she's expecting your death
it's meaningless try to refuse
the destiny

Under you Own Act Of Despair...
Track Name: My Special Angel I
In the shadows
I have to walk
Consumed by the sorrow

The loneliness is overwhelming
the depression suffocating
I need the immediatly
arrival of my death

'Cause my life is meaningless
I can't find the beauty in the world
I can't find the peace
in nowhere

The fear consumes me without ceasing
and the sad reality
of my existence
constantly grinds me down

But you have come
without any warning
like a light in the shadows
The beauty in your being
erases all that I feel
erases my suffering

But I'm worthless
just the idea
of looking at you
is forbidden

But you're my drug
my only reason to exist
my only reality
with fear I fade away

I look for hide in the shadows
where I can appreciate your being
where I can desire your heart

My eyes close slowly
and save the momment

But when I open my eyes
they can't find you
You have faded away