Nisz'or karr Naguum

by Vore



First Full-Lenght as "Vore"
Perfect to commemoration of the 3rd anniversary of this project, (Formerly known as "Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage)


released November 20, 2015

All Music and Lyrics written, performed, and recorded by Wraith
The Original used Audio files are property of their respective autors.
Drums and Synthesizer performed and recorded by Namtaräum in the 9th track.
Cannibal Soggoth Productions
Vore © 2015
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Vortex Of Loneliness
Winds of sorrow
bring the malefic stench
of the blood drenched razors
of the long rotten corpses

The Black reek of their melting flesh
becoming my sorrow, my pleasure
their presence as corpses, as nothing
satisfy my lust, my darkest wishes

In front of me, their faces
their hollow carcass
in the wind their static screams of pain
their last words

Now I'm sorrounded
by nothing more than corpses
as I always have been
as I always have wished

My soul
blackened and bloodstained
alone and forgotten
cold and lifeless

But am I really alone?
Is the wind as hollow as it seems?
The Darkness screams
the real world, is still out there

Why am I here?
as a long shadow cast in the sunset
blurred by the eternal vortex of suicidal thoughts
vanished by a world where I do not belong

The cold wind is like a razor in my skin
my naked soul bleeds in pain
my heart dies under the yoke of agony
but no one can hear my scream

Horrible monsters, reeking like corpses
their hollow eyes are mirrors of torture
my filthy soul reflected in their faces
is like the void of the eternal cosmic winds

Now the time for me have finished
excluded from them, now isolated
I crawl to the last shadow remaining in earth
as I bleed out in agony and pain
Track Name: Saarv Guurn'th ekk Agn
Hass karr Thuuri...
Kosto Karaath
Kosto Aasther


Guurn'th ekk Agn
Track Name: Š̨ M̐ Ɵ Ǥ
Suffocated, my lungs struggle to breath
my eyes blacken, overwhelmed
my cries are muffled by the wall
invisible and toxic.

Murdered, I'm being
the mercyless cloud
invades my soul
strangles my being

Oozing black skies fall upon this earth
wretched and convicted to choke
our polluted winds will kill us all
I wait for that day, with childish joy

Go ahead, contaminate
I don't care, let our lives be grey
let us die, choked to death
under the black clouds of the end

Sorrowful and painful
I deserve to die
constricted and blinded
as my life has always been.

Moaning, our agonizing world
has now discovered its impending doom.

Obscure winds blowing in our lands
the green nature, dying suffocated
under the horrible torment
spreaded by its misbegotten human race.

Green earth, no more
Sentient life, no more
is our time to die, full of remorse
as we always are, all alone...
Track Name: Die Frau auf dem Weg
Warum? ich denke.
allein muss ich leben?
Ich ertrinke
im dunkelsee...

plötzlich, sie ist da
schön wie die Regen,
sie läuft auch durch diesem Weg.

Jeden Tag ist sie da,
mit ihren schwartze Haare
und ihren perfektem Gesicht.

allein muss ich leben?
Melancholisch bin ich,
weil ich weiß,
sie wird nie mich ansehen.-

Sie habe gestern nichts mich angesehen,
sie habe heute nichts mich angesehen,
und sie wird nichts morgen tun.

Nur läuft sie,
mit ihren boshaftes Grinsen
mit ihren Augen,
schwartze wie die dunkelnacht,
nur läuft sie
mit alle meinen Träume.

Nur will ich kennen...
Nur muss ich kennen...
...welcher ist ihr Name.
Track Name: 黑暗

Track Name: Or Jek karr Garr'sahorr Sidera'or
...norrk'leah uah xiakarith,
yi're Zargn'h hjiirryä,
Krish or naguum,
krish or nük'ah uah Agn'us Nisz.

'Wuo garr'sahorr foorh
Ard sidera'or Guurn sdr Zeerh,
Sdr Vuurr Sdr nük'ah nisz,
uah or Agn Azuur' kühh'kaos'kho...

...'Wuo or Jek karr garr'sahorr sidera'or.
Track Name: Nisz'or Karr Naguum (Ft. Namtaräum)
Hjiir'nihhr, Or jek
Fau Zeerh Sha'keenti'degrum,
Guurrn'th ekk or nük'ah Agn,
Hydraah'degrum, Or nisz'or Aggrah.

Xu'niär'nihhr, or Vurr karr or Rag
Or Azuur sha'keenti Tz'Xgm Lia'hh,
uah Tz'Xgm Lia'hh sha'keenti or Naguum,
yi're hydraah' Gorr, yi're Agn'us nisz.

Oh Faghumiaxicklamaah'le karr ragka'luu Künii'or,
Wacxhii'nihhr'wuo Tz'Xgm Deu,
'wuo Tz'Xgm Ghallum'nah Hia'xia.

Tz'Xgm Ni'le uah Saarv.
Zeerh'kosto Tz'Xgm Gorr sha'keenti, tahnzhi nük'ah
Fau Tz'Xgm zhi Kiathorr Harr'harryü...

...Nisz'or karr Naguum.
Track Name: 疯狂
上边 , 下边
但是 , 这黑暗 ,
是我的家 , 我的灵魂
Track Name: Ɨ̧̌ S̃ Ⱥ Ƀ Ę̈̂ Ł̣ L̐ Å̆
Oculta en tus ojos yace mi soledad eterna
fantasma eterno de Agonía
Blanca belleza, luz del día.

Ilusión efímera
realidad maldita
eterno resplandor
alma en pena causante de mi dolor.

Fría tu mirada
tenue tu voz
gracioso tu caminar
Oh, te deseo en el altar.

Pero el hórrido destino
me condena a las sombras
donde putrefacto muere
aquel negro corazón agonizante.

La lluvia canta eternamente
la noche fría, silencio tenue
tus ojos verdes, inocentes
no se dignan a mirarme.

Tu voz resplandece
llena los espacios
los llena de pesar
pues para mí sólo hay indiferente silencio.

Mira la sangre por tí derramada
las cicatrices, negros ornamentos.

Mis lágrimas son diamantes que te obsequio
melancólicos tesoros de tu recuerdo.

Soy el vacío que grita
que clama tu nombre en agonía
que llora, vive, siente y muere
soy el vacío que tú no escuchas.

Eres mar, silencio, Ruido
cada Nota, cada sombra, cada lágrima.
Eres viento, tierra, recuerdo
cada pálido momento de eterna soledad.

En el cielo, en la luna
tu mirada se oculta
en la tarde, en la lluvia
tu voz me susurra.

Tan bella, tan lamentable
como el triste recuerdo del ayer
dulce fantasma solitario y bello
desde lejos te observo con anhelo
poniéndome la soga al cuello
para así matar tu recuerdo...