Angelus (Demo 2013)

by Vore



Don't listen to this if you believe in god...


released June 6, 2013

This was going to be my fourth album, but I was going to get a Spine Surgery, so I couldn't Finish it, The original idea in this album was create an aggressive Black Metal, charged with hatred and despair, it was inspired by Prosanctus Inferi, but I couldn't create that sick Black Metal, anyway, the final product was good.

This version has a Different mixing, and a Cover of the song "Carnage" by Mayhem is in the Original release, and this version is just for promoting my work, if you want to download the Original Album, you can download it in my facebook page

Lyrics by Nihilanth (Eleanor Bishop)
Vocals and Music by Nihilanth
Cannibal Soggoth Productions, All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Jesus' Putrid Vagina
On it's Period
The cunt spills blood
blood of the new eternal alliance
poured to forgive the human sins

Rapist archangel
Stupid Whore
The Unholy Son
is the God's Son

The Black Firmament
Announces the morbid pleasure
provoked by rape
As he Dies Crucified
With a Cock On His Cunt

He born to be a King
and he ended on a Cross
Where's Daddy Now?
Maybe Raping Virgins

Twelve Sexual Slaves
to Bang your Vagina
One of them got Tired
And Sold Your Slut-Hole to the Romans

He resuscited
after three days
He amounted to heaven
to be raped by Angels
and Bath in the God's Semen
Track Name: Impure
The Black Cosmic Incarnation
Now Down in the Filth
Dressed like one of the God's Shapes
Is going to Fall in the Lust

Virginal Flesh
Provoking the animal instinct
Of the Phallus from Outer Space
Now the breed is Sacrilegious

[The Whore
In Semen from the Stars]

Now our downfall
is imminent
Our Imperfect Senses
Don't See The Impure one

The Bastard
Must Suffer
Until Die Humiliated
And The Whore Must be Killed

Take your guts
and burn Them
Take yor Head
And Rape it

[The Corpse in the Cross
Is the proof of our Power
to purificate our breed]