by Ulfrinn, Vore

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Namtaräum I refuse to select a favorite track because I honestly love them all. The two people behind this work are special to me.


Here it is!
An album I'm certainly proud of, a split with a band whose work I find outstanding and exquisite, from West Virgina, Ulfrinn.
And well, few I can say about it, this album has the most helpless, aggressive and depressive soundscapes from West Virgina, painting in gray and black massive tracks of huge hypnotic melodies.
And in my side it has...well, Vore, random shit canned in Black metal Etiquette, take it as you please.
Special Thanks to Narcissus for making this album possible.
Ulfrinn's page: ulfrinn.bandcamp.com
Special Thanks to Namtaräum for the Cover art, and for all the support given to both of us (Ulfrinn and I)


released January 12, 2016

Album Art created and edited by Namtaräum (Natanas, Telerumination)
Tracks 1-4 Composed and Recorded by Ulfrinn
Ulfrinn is: Narcissus, performing all Instruments, Lyrics and Vocals.
Tracks 5-9 Composed and Recorded by Vore
"Paper Cuts" is intellectual property owned by the American Grunge group Nirvana.
Vore is: Wraith, Performing all instruments, lyrics and vocals.
Ulfrinn, Vore © 2016
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Vore - The Lonely Bugainvillea Gardens
Where the dying scream was echoed by blood,
her lifeless corpse has taken place,
rot by the pale and cold sunlight,
her blood is being shed upon this blackened grave.

Deflied the sacred place
with her stenching corpse has been.
Either alive, either dead,
Ea, my lifeless bride will dream.

So let the gray sun burn her flesh,
her soul has been already shed.

Through day and night, her blood has dreamt,
under the freezing light, she has awake.
Her veins have drained, but all around her,
the grey has gone, her blood has shone.

Trapped in the gloom of this grisly town,
I miss her eyes, her voice, her skin;
and although she's gone, I hear her voice,
she sings all day, she greets, she lives.

Her eyes bloom, extoling colour amongst the grey,
magenta, red, purple and green,
her fragance, her life and joy, invade the town,
bursting colours amongst the old gray grottos.
But this garden, is not alive,
for her image is just a wraith, a mirage.
Her joyful soul compels me in neglecting loneliness;
and soon enough, I'll share your blooming tomb.
Track Name: Vore - N-Z (2i16i2)
Amongst the joyful trees
you bestowed me your eyes
which looked through my being
windows to a sempiternal shining.

We didn't need words, our realm of silence
became a void amongst the sacred woods.

We walked together the blessed path,
where the dying leaves fell like tears,
where the cold breeze christened us,
path of sweetness, path of bitterness.

Amongst the gray cold breeze, one leaf
you gifted me, the only memory I keep of you.

When the light abandoned us,
and night fell upon our beings,
we embraced each other, whispering to ourselves,
words evoking on me, emotions never felt.

And now you're gone, following your dreams,
while I remain here, in the howling darkness,
glooming over my only memory of you,
wishing with all my soul your return.
Track Name: Vore - Z-R (6hu21e0)
In warm sunlight and tall grass,
over the hill and silent trees,
we laid embraced, we slept, we dreamt.
"I Love you" you said,
"I love you too" I replied.

Althought our ways were already split,
distance wasn't going to keep us apart,
but so was fear.

You were so wonderful, so joyful,
so charming and tender lady.

At the end we split apart,
none of us was brave enough.

And now in my eternal darkness,
in this grisly isolation,
I look back to the past we shared,
glooming over your departure.

I wish I could embrace you once again,
and listen to your voice,
I wish I could tell you once more,
How much I loved you.
Track Name: Vore - Veil of Tears
My eyes, blur the funereal images,
for these tears flowing,
like rivers in my face,
rivers that shall never see the sea.

Mourning existence, shall I bear,
for my own death, my funeral,
this, attended just for the maggots,
feasting on my reeking flesh.

and I cry...

My death, like my life, means nothing
but the funeral rites, shall be carried on,
for my soul to finally find rest,
for my soul to finally dream forever.

So now clad in black,
I dwell the haunted corridors,
holding the memories hiden in those shades,
for I am the only witness, of this pain.

The tears flow, as I realize,
there are no memories to keep, for I never lived,
I existed, as a broken husk,
and the veil goes down, to cover my face,

With Bitter tears...