Abandoned By Light​/​Vore

by Abandoned by Light, Vore



released June 8, 2015

Tracks 1-3 Composed and recorded by Abandoned by Light
Tracks 4-6 Composed and recorded by Vore

All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Vore Xalapa, Mexico

-Formerly known as Nocturnal Toxin & Carnage-
Started in 2012.


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Track Name: Vore - Vortex of Loneliness
Winds of sorrow
bring the malefic stench
of the blood drenched razors
of the long rotten corpses.

The Black reek of their melting flesh
becoming my sorrow, my pleasure
their presence as corpses, as nothing
satisfy my lust, my darkest wishes.

In front of me, their faces
their hollow carcasses
in the wind their static screams of pain
their last words.

Now I'm sorrounded
by nothing more than corpses
as I always have been
as I always have wished.

My soul
blackened and bloodstained
alone and forgotten
cold and lifeless.

But am I really alone?
Is the wind as hollow as it seems?
the Darkness screams
the real world, is still out there.

Why am I here?
as a long shadow cast in the sunset
blurred by the eternal vortex of suicidal thoughts
vanished by a world where I do not belong.

The cold wind is like a razor in my skin
my naked soul bleeds in pain
my heart dies under the yoke of agony
but no one can hear my scream.

Horrible monsters, reeking like corpses
their hollow eyes are mirrors of torture
my filthy soul reflected in their faces
is like the void of the eternal cosmic winds.

Now the time for me have finished
excluded from them, now isolated
I crawl to the last shadow remaining in earth
as I bleed out in agony and pain.
Track Name: Vore - Beginning of The End
Ethereal Protrusion
Of The Black Sky
Invading without respect
the Earth Condemned to Hell

Releasing the Angelic Plasma
from the Cadaverous Heaven
And Desecrating Mercyless
the Morbid Material Plane

As the Rain of Blood
gets Contaminated with Human Hatred
As the Skies die Poisoned
By The Toxic Winds of Hate
Carried by our Atmosphere

Oh Sweet and Ethereal Glow
Dying under the Nihilism
of the Human Race
Dying under the Yoke of the Evil
from Thousands of Rotting Souls

The Unsaved Heaven
has Condemned Itself
To die Fallen in the Filth
of this World

Fallen and Convicted
soon will burn in Hell
Where Aberrant Dreams
Turn onto Morbid tears
from the Sad Poet

Whose Pen Writes
the Misanthrope fate
that will guide
the material plane
Until The Beginning
of Its Astral Existence...
Track Name: Vore - Eternity
Continue with a Rose in your hand
close your eyes and sit for a while.

Eternity is calling you
come to her and join us.

In an endless dementia spyral
A Thight Knot
A tear falling down.

Eternity is calling you
come to her and join us.

Live once again in the Wind
Keep Quiet and Sleep.

Eternity is calling you
come to her and join us.

In a Deep Sorrow Abyss
A cold Razor
and the Edge of the Destiny.

Eternity is calling you
come to her and join us

Eternity is calling you
come to her and join us

Eternity is calling you
come to her and join us.